Glitter In the Mist

It’s four thirty in the morning and it wasn’t all that hard rizin’
Have a boat to catch. I see my friends on the horizon.

As the sun comes up to warm this day,
Listen my friends for I will have plenty to say!

Bye my love, I’ll miss you for sure.
You’re strong my friend, I know you’ll endure!

We hit a crossroad and got a little lost.
Had to part that day whatever the cost.

The sun has risen now and I’ve crossed the sea.
I found a vast new land and it’s calling to me.

A new day dawns. Here comes the early light.
There is glitter in this mist. OH what an incredible sight!

So I reached World’s End today – a place by the sea.
Watched new friends graze and they watched me.

On this new day, I am walking this park.
A new door has opened … I will embark!

Jack Welch, MBA
Sr. Web Developer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, IoT Engineer, and Impassioned Digital Marketing Consultant!
Life-long learner, team leader, and highly motivated professional who drives data-driven decisions at all levels of business management. I am an accomplished web developer, data strategist, and IoT engineer with several years of experience working with digital media, remote data resources, web API’s, ETL, database management, SQL queries, data visualization, and more.

Exceptional ability to lead complete digital initiatives and campaigns, and to communicate amongst all levels of management from stakeholders to the technical staff responsible to produce results on-time and on-budget.