Author: Jack Welch - February 9, 2017

Real Estate Websites

Real Estate WebsitesReal estate website development is still one of my favorites at KoolWebDezign. Building a website for a brokerage office or for an individual agent is so interesting because site owners have varying levels of e-skills, design tastes, spheres of influence, marketing objectives, and more. It is so important to capture the personality of a website owner in their new web-based presence. My message to all of you real estate agents and brokers is to be aware that making an investment in a website is not a one-time expense of a few hundred dollars. Sure, you may choose to launch a static brochure-like website. There are many websites that simply offer some general information about an agent and their affiliated real estate office along with phone number, email address, contact us form, and maybe even a Google map. Today, we can even dynamically feed your website with an IDX data feed, and this feed will automatically populate your site with real estate listings from your area along with advanced search features. My challenge to all of you new real estate website owners today is to plan to actively integrate your site with the social media. You need to be creatively preparing new content that is engaging to your sphere of influence, and you need to create natural inbound traffic to your site from this sphere of influence. If you want to build your sphere of influence beyond your personal friends, you are going to need to consider advertising. You should be building landing pages in the social media including pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. You need an advertising budget that will build your audience in the social media, and you even need an advertising budget for Google Adwords which will drive some traffic from Google to your new site.

Google AnalyticsDoes this sound overwhelming? Maybe, it is a little, but it is simply a roadmap of what it takes to build a website that is going to be a successful tool that will drive the growth of your real estate business. You need strategies that will successfully build your audience, drive this audience to your website, convert these visitors to new prospects, and finally convert these prospects to clients. Your website should be the primary tool that will drive this success, but your website must also be built properly to monitor these activities and to quantify your activities for costs and return on investment. Work with us at KoolWebDezign and we will help you identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be identified in your new website. We will then help you make HTML changes that will monitor and measure these KPIs using Google Analytics and other tools. By measuring your KPIs, you will be able to establish and to measure customer conversion goals, advertising costs, client acquisition costs, and finally return on your advertising budget. For more detailed information about search engine optimization with KoolWebDezign, please visit our SEO Strategy - SEO is Dead! page.

So, is SEO really dead? Not completely. It remains vitally important have clear and accurate HTML markup with the delivery of your web content. Your HTML markup should be keyword rich, you should have unique meta titles, and you should have unique H1 tags on all of your pages. The meta titles and the H1 tags will be the primary target of the search engine robot for identification of the primary keywords on your page. Other content on the page should clearly enhance the definition of the primary keywords; but pages should never, ever be over-stuffed with these keywords. Page content today must be engaging to your human visitors. Google is watching your site for where your visitors are coming from, how long they remain engaged on your landing page, how many other pages that visitor might visit during the same session, and most importantly Google monitors for whether or not your visitors are returning to your site. So, by the statement, "SEO is Dead!", I simply mean that SEO is clearly not what it was a decade or two ago. Google wants to maximize its own customer satisfaction, and we all know from our own search experience with Google that the bad sites seem to be gone. Google's brand depends on its robots returning quality content within its customers' search results. Google's search algorithms are so good today that you must be managing and running your new website every day like you would manage and run any portion of your business.

An investment in building your presence on the web requires a regular commitment. Only your budget can determine what level of investment that should be. Here is a real good article from entitled, The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Setting an Advertising Budget. Statistics show that the average real estate agent spends approximately $200 per month and earns $42K per year. While we can help you at KoolWebDezign, it is so important that any site owner assume primary control of their personal advertising strategy and the measurement of its success. We never take this away from you. Instead, we work as a partner and ultimately train you to manage your own advertising strategies. For starters, we always recommend doing some advertising with Google Adwords and also with Facebook. You can expand from their but these two giants are a must and their tools make the advertising EASY!.

New Real Estate Websites by KoolWebDezign

GoDaddy BannerIf you are newly entering the world of developing a new website for your real estate business, we are likely going to steer you toward registering your new domain name with Once your domain name is registered, we will also recommend to you that you create a new hosting account and to purchase an SSL certificate for your new website. Watch for GoDaddy promotions during the registration process. They often offer promotional packages that will significantly reduce your start-up investment in the hosting platform. Are you unsure as to what type of hosting account to choose from? Well we will recommend that you start your first website using the WordPress platform. So, you should choose the Linux hosting platforms and I find that just about any start-up website will work very well on the Economy hosting platform at GoDaddy. KoolWebDezign is registered with GoDaddy as a PRO, so this means that we can assist you with you GoDaddy purchases. We can send you an invite via GoDaddy which will allow you to grant us access to the management of your account, and you can select whether or not we have purchase authority or not. Unsure, you do not have to grant us purchase authority since it is quite simple for us to configure a recommended GoDaddy shopping cart and allow you to authorize the final purchase. This is a very "kool" and exciting new feature that GoDaddy built-in to simplify the process of allowing inexperienced account owners to share their control panel with developers while not relinquishing the ownership rights of your domain, hosting account, and SSL certificate. Talk to us at KoolWebDezign. We will help you set-up and create your new real estate website at entry level prices as low as $499.

Real Estate Website Design Updates

Are you already established with an existing real estate website and need fresh new updates? Is your website responsive to mobile platforms offering an optimized user experience on tablets and cell phones? Do you know if the HTML markup on your website is Google-friendly? Is your website being delivered via secure HTTPS protocol? These are all important design considerations for any website today, particularly today's real estate websites. Your real estate buying and selling customers are visiting the web today from their phones like never before. Websites that are not designed to be mobile-responsive are being penalized and tossed-aside by Google in favor of those websites that are mobile friendly. Website security is of utmost importance to Google as well, and Google is now taking action to favor sites which have been fully converted to HTTPS delivery. Websites which have been secured via SSL are less "hackable" and the cost today is very insignificant. Talk to us today at KoolWebDezign. We have make-over packages for your website priced as low as $299.

HTML Audit for Search Engine Optimization

Trust me ... many WordPress and other distributed themes are NOT Google-friendly, even the premium themes. They may look pretty but the hidden symantic markup strategies often require some correction. There are lots of out-dated practices out there that have carried over from a decade or more ago. Work with us at KoolWebDezign and we will help you understand where your website needs improvement in order to satisfy Google's new design recommendations. It is very common to find multiple H1 tags within WordPress themes and often an H1 tag is deployed around your site logo. This is very improper HTML markup that needs attention. There should be a single H1 tag on each and every page and along with the page meta title, these tags should contain the primary keywords that identify the page for possible return within a potential customer query on the search engines like Google. Look further into a WordPress theme which claims to be search engine optimized and you will also likely find H3 tags used to identify the sections of your site with no H2 tags used anywhere on the page. This is also improper symantic HTML markup and requires correction.

Social Media Integration for Real Estate Websites

Connect a Real Estate Website with a Facebook Page

Facebook LogoAt KoolWebDezign, we recommend that all real estate websites be connected to a Facebook page. Realtors can connect to personal pages but you will likely find that you will disturb your friends quickly. Facebook will allow you to create your own page which is specialized to attract and to engage a real estate buying and selling audience that is interested in your promotional activities. Create your new Facebook page and KoolWebDezign can help you connect your website with this page so that you can automatically push/pull content to/from your Facebook page. The challenge with the creation of any new page is that you will have NO audience when you create your new page. But, this is where your business building skills begin. You want to create that new audience from scratch. Of course you can selectively invite some friends who can actively participate in the growth of your business. You can also start some Facebook advertising and my experience is that it costs about a $1 per like. Invest about $30 per month (or more) with Facebook and watch your audience grow.

Connect a Real Estate Website to a LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn LogoIf you are a real estate brokerage, you will likely want to create a presence on LinkedIn. Some agents would like to do so as well. Doing so will allow you to engage with new prospects for sales agents as well as for managing brokers. LinkedIn now has an awesome advertising package, much like the one available via Facebook. You can display banner ads but it is also quite simple to expand your audience with LinkedIn simply by asking others to connect with you. KoolWebDezign can then integrate automated scripts which will push/pull content both to/from your LinkedIn page. Pprepare yourself to write quality professional posts on your new WordPress website and publishing this new post is only a click of a button away. Once you post your new content to LinkedIn or other social media site, your hope is to engage your audience with an invite to come and visit your site. Hopefully that visitor sticks around on your site, reads, and Google sees this activity as a quality visitor to your site. This improves your ranking with Google and Google may be more likely to deliver a link to this page to search engine visitors.

Search Engine Optimization of a Real Estate Website

I invited you above to visit an article SEO Strategy - SEO is Dead!. I also advised above that effective search engine optimization requires a monthly commitment to the management and implementation of your online marketing strategies. You are going to need to establish a budget for this. The tough part is that this is the cold hard truth if you want your new website to be effective. You need to budget a monthly advertising budget and this can be a small one to start. You also need to retain an effective strategist, like us at KoolWebDezign.

Real Estate Website Ideas