Author: Jack Welch - March 15, 2017

SEO Service Matrix

Retain Us at KoolWebDezign to Manage Your SEO

  Bronze Membership Silver Membership Gold Membership Platinum Membership
Google Friendly X X X X
Google Webmaster Guidelines X X X X
Keyword Strategy X X X X
Website HTML Audit X X X X
Secure Your Website X X X X
Mobile Responsive Design X X X X
Website Performance Review X X X X
Online Branding Review X X X X
Google Analytics X X X X
Automatic Backup X X X X
Get On the Map   X X X
Get Social   X X X
New Content Publication     X X
Online Advertising       X
Customer Conversion Planning       X
Monthly Cost for Most Websites

(Minimum 6-month commitment)

$150 $250 $350 $450