SEO Strategy – SEO is DEAD!

Seo StrategiesSEO IS DEAD! Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not what it used to be my friends. There is no magical HTML markup anymore that is going to drive your website to instant success. Google is too smart for that and Google will not let this happen anymore. SEO today, is all about building and managing your website like an extension of your physical brick-and-mortar business. You should be building page content that will engage your new visitors and also your returning customers. You should be sharing your web pages with your social media audience and you need to be advertising so that you expand your social media audience and then drive increasingly more visitors to your website. Do this … and Google will recognize you as a legitimate business, and Google will respond by driving more organic search traffic to you. HTML markup is still vital to the design of a quality website. HTML markup helps the search engine robots read the critical components of your web pages. HTML markup should be keyword rich but it needs to serve your human visitors first.

  • Google Friendly – All websites today must start by being “Google-friendly”. Google is the leading internet search engine today by a wide margin so all new SEO programs must start with an audit of all of the current Google requirements.
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines – Google outlines all of the best practices for preparing a quality website that will attract your customers as well as the Google search engine robots.
  • Keyword Strategy – An effective web presence requires a thorough knowledge of the keywords in which you will build customer conversion goals around. Google provides a keyword planning tool and access to this tool requires that you establish a Google AdWords account.
  • Website HTML Audit – Here is a complete Google Search Engine Optimization Guide that explains the importance of title tags, page headings, descriptive page content, site navigation, site maps, blogging and more.
  • Secure Your Website – Google is taking web security seriously and so are all of the web browser companies, hosting services, credit card companies and more. All websites must be secure today and Google is giving preference to sites who convert entirely to HTTPS delivery.
  • Mobile Responsive Design – All websites today must be mobile responsive. Your website will be more accessible to today’s mobile platforms, more pleasing to your customers, and it will rank higher with Google as a result.
  • Website Performance Review – Is your website and/or server offering up pages that take several seconds to load inside your browser? This needs to be professionally addressed in order to improve your ranking with Google.
  • Online Branding Review – Is your website looking old and tired? Are your website visitors only coming into your site for short visits, maybe a page or two and leaving?  This needs to be fixed with a site design that is more engaging to your visitors.
  • Google Analytics – All website owners today should be using Google’s most helpful and informative tool that tells you everything you need to know about your website visitors. Take it one step further and you can define click-paths and customer conversion goals for your inbound visitors.  Once you define the goals, you can then monitor your site’s actual performance against these goals.
  • Get On the Map – Have you ever wondered why some sites have an enhanced presentation on Google Search results and/or the Google Map? Well you can too with Google My Business.  A successful implementation requires important HTML markup changes that will effectively communicate your business information to Google.
  • Get Social – Is your business on Facebook? Do you have trouble creating and sending information from your website to Facebook?  We integrate the performance of your website with Google by setting up scheduled tasks that will automatically release content to Facebook.  Don’t forget to consider Facebook with your business advertising budget.  Facebook advertising is extremely effective and necessary to build your followers inside the social media.
  • New Content Publication – It is imperative to be generating new site content regularly, sharing this content in the social media, and thereby driving your social media followers to your site. This generates native inbound traffic which is highly important to a successful SEO campaign.
  • Online Advertising – We highly recommend that all business do at least a moderate amount of advertising both with Google AdWords and also with Facebook. Everyone can start with a small modest budget, put critical conversion goals into place, establish a system for tracking customer conversions, and measure your customer acquisition cost.  You may just find out that you can’t afford not to advertise once you get started.
  • Customer Conversion Planning – Do you know where your web visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site? Do you know how you are converting these visitors to customers?  You need web strategies and monitoring tools which effectively give you this information.