Marketing Meets Science

Marketing managers and executives everywhere … has the thought crossed your mind that you just might need a data scientist in your marketing department? Crazy question … not really! Digital communication in the form of websites, social media, email, texting, mobile apps, blogs, online media channels, podcasts, and more have become all the rage. Consumers are now highly engaged with digital media; and, as a result, they are highly informed and making purchase decisions way before they arrive at your brick-and-mortar store-front or website. It is during this Zero Moment of Truth stage, that marketing professionals must combine their skills as an artist with the skills of a scientist. It’s not all about the visualization of your page any more. Now, it is becoming far more important to gather data about the consumers’ behavior.

The world of digital communication enables marketing professionals to monitor and to track consumer click-paths; and this behavior can be stored, analyzed, and used to drive data-driven decisions in the management of our business operations. Click paths are monitored and recorded with the use of browser cookies and tags. Cookies and Tags are short scripts that record the click-path for use by an analyst. Web content now needs to be planned with conversion goals and click-path strategies in mind. The web content needs to be written not with just the colors, fonts, images, and videos in mind, but now we must include ID’s and classes within our HTML mark-up that will allow Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to measure conversion results.

No big deal so far. Marketing professionals have been using Google Analytics and other web page stat-counting tools for years. Monitoring web traffic is easy … right? Well, not so much. Web traffic today goes beyond the scope of your private business website. Today, marketing professionals manage social media sites, PPC advertising, 3rd-party blogging sites, 3rd-party referral sites, and more. Our consumers are influenced by this broad spectrum of digital media, and our ability to capture and to collect data across platforms requires the use of RESTful strategies and advanced programming interfaces or API’s. Data can be collected across advertising domains, but it requires the mind of a scientist, not an artist.

Now, have you ever opened a large data file in Excel and wondered what to do with that data? Who’s going to read that data? Not the artist … call in the scientist! Marketing data needs to be collected, cleaned, analyzed for patterns, and then visualized in useful reports. There are certainly tools available today that makes much of this effort pretty easy. But have you ever wondered if you could customize a tool so that it truly meets your business needs? There is a growing need for a scientist inside all marketing departments today. We are digital marketing strategists here at, and we look forward to helping you increase your marketing effectiveness with the analytical tools that are right for you. No one solution is perfect for everyone. Tool selection depends highly on budget, available resources, and your business strategies. Please Contact Us today and let us know if we can help you.