Omega2 Has Arrived!


OMG … you know you are a geek when this stuff excites you! I invested in a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter over 6 months ago, called Omega2. Omega2 is one of the newest developments making the Internet of Things (IoT) more possible than ever. The size of this device isn’t what is most impressive. What makes this device so exciting is the $5 price tag.

The Omega2 works right out of the box. The Omega2 Plus, shown here, is fully configured with Wi-Fi, 128MB of RAM, 32MB of storage, USB 2.0, MicroSD slot, and 15 GPIO pins. This Linux operating system speaks many programming languages including PHP, Python, NodeJS, C++, Ruby and more. Wait until I configure an entire LAMP stack. Yes, this little device can run Apache and MySQL as well. Configure this device with a responsive web front-end and an SSL certificate and you can access and control this device from your cell phone or tablet.

Omega2 Expansion Accessories

When I invested in the crowd-funding campaign, I went all-in on the Arduino Dock Starter Kit. Why? Why not??? It is time to start building and learning. This kit is packed with expansion docks, a keypad, switches, LEDs, motors, and more. There aren’t too many of these in the world yet. I am proud to be part of the first group of deliveries.

Omega2 Pin-Out Diagram

This is just another step in the building of the Internet of Things!