Google Cloud Consultant

Google Cloud PhotoI can't be more impressed with the cloud hosting services which are now available through the Google Cloud platform. If you are unaware of the Google Cloud services, visit Google and login. Visit and check out the complete line of services including Compute, Storage & Databases, Networking, Big Data, Machine Learning and more. While the Google Cloud services aren't really for the beginner, Google does make it extremely easy to set-up and run advanced computing services. Further, Google's Cloud Identity & Access Management certainly provides enterprise-grade access control.


Google Cloud Dashboard

Google Cloud DashboardIf you are visiting Google Cloud for the first time, Google will likely give you all sorts of credits that will facilitate your ability to get started, free of charge, and explore the possibilities. The main advantage to considering the use of the Google Cloud is that, if you are like me, you are probably permanently logged in and connected to Google. This means that your compute dashboard is only one click away and you have full administrative access to your cloud platforms. Google even makes access via SSH and other services as simple as ever. I am not getting paid by Google to say this, but I highly recommend that you explore the Google Cloud today!


Cloud-Based Virtual Machine

Google Cloud Compute EngineWhen inside your Google Cloud dashboard, click on Compute Engine and begin to create a new instance. You will quickly see how easy it is to name your instance, pick a hosting zone, your machine type, a boot disk that includes an image of your desired operating system, additional hard disk storage space, and desired security settings. It is that simple to create your new machine. Although Google makes this process easy for the experienced developer, as of this writing, I don't see that Google facilitates spinning up simple hosting platforms as available from GoDaddy.


Big Data Platforms

Google Dataproc Hadoop ClusterFor you Big Data junkies and enthusiasts like me, Google Cloud puts the creation of a Hadoop cluster right at the tip of your finger. Visit the Cloud Dataproc tab and you are quickly going to see how easy it is to spin up a multi-node Hadoop cluster of any size to meet your needs. The beauty of using the Google Cloud for this service is that the expense for the platform can be as temporary as your project demands. If you only need a Hadoop cluster for a few days, weeks, or months, your platform can be turned-off and you will not realize the continued expense. The "on-demand" and "pay-as-you-go" features that are available with all of the cloud service providers is one of its biggest charms.


Google Cloud Consulting Services and Support

Don't forget! We are here to help you at KoolWebDezign and we have abundant experience with the Google Cloud platform. We are specialists with Linux and also with Windows server environments. Do you have advanced application goals that include regular file transfer and deployment of advanced APIs for getting remote data sources? Once you get your data, do you need help cleaning and transforming that data so that it can be consumed by your business needs? We are more than web developers here at KoolWebDezign. We move data! Please Contact Us today and let us know how we might be of service to you.


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