Azure Hosting and Cloud Consultant

Microsoft Azure LogoMicrosoft's Azure platform is nothing less than incredible. It is one of the most versatile cloud hosting platforms that will satisfy anybody's needs - from businesses large to small and also for the more personal websites. Microsoft is flexing its might in the business world with Office365, OneDrive, the traditional Office suite, and now Azure. At the time of this writing, Amazon is claiming that its 38 data centers, strategically positioned around the world, makes them larger than any other cloud provider. When your business needs call for a Windows environment hosted in the cloud, there is no other choice than to consider the use of Azure.


Business Intelligence

Azure Power BIMicrosoft truly has the tools that are capable of transforming your organization's data into a powerful resource for data-driven decision making. Today, there is a great deal of business intelligence locked in forms of unstructured data like documents, spreadsheets, emails, and more. Data mining today goes far beyond the structured data available in our SQL databases, and Microsoft has the tools necessary to capture the embedded intelligence across all forms of data. Data mining wouldn't be useful without powerful data visualization tools. Microsoft makes it possible to create visualizations which enable your organization to understand and act quickly to your evolving business environment.


Big Data and Analytics

Azure Big Data AnalyticsData resources are exploding today. We have more data available in the management of our businesses than ever before. We need tools that allow us to explore and to analyze these data resources in real time. We need to gain insight into our business operation through data mining techniques and Microsoft delivers in this area. Microsoft big data analysis tools will help you gain insight into "intelligent actions that will improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and lower costs."


SharePoint on Azure

SharePoint on AzureWant to truly leverage the power of the cloud? Consider hosting your SharePoint farm on an Azure. Microsoft makes it easy to spin up a SharePoint farm for development and also for full production needs. Your SharePoint farm can easily be scaled to meet your growing business demands with Azure. "Simplify deployment and configuration with ready-to-deploy images and templates that are based on tried and tested configurations, and reduce the time to deploy complex SharePoint farms from days to minutes."


Azure Consulting Services and Support

While Azure makes cloud computing easy, you will not want to do this alone! We are here to help you at KoolWebDezign and we have abundant experience with the Azure coud platform. We are specialists with Windows server environments. Do you have advanced application goals that include regular file transfer and deployment of advanced APIs for getting remote data sources? Once you get your data, do you need help cleaning and transforming that data so that it can be consumed by your business needs? We are more than web developers here at KoolWebDezign. We move data! Please Contact Us today and let us know how we might be of service to you.