AWS Hosting and Cloud Consultant

AWS LogoAmazon Web Services or AWS is simply amazing and it should be ... we simply wouldn't expect anything less from Amazon. Amazon's most popular resource is the Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) compute engine and this web service is highly secure and resizable to meet your business needs. You can support your EC2 instance with Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) and also with Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). All of the AWS cloud resources are easy to configure and to operate ... and they can be configured for temporary or long-term use.


Amazon EC2 - A Host of Machine Image Choices

Amazon EC2 Machine ImagesAmazon offers a host of standard machine images which can be deployed through their Quick Launch button to your new cloud-based VM. Amazon offers standard Linux and Windows images, and Amazon takes it a huge step further with the AWS Marketplace. Within the AWS Marketplace, you can now find several thousand different machine images which allows you to spin-up your new platform with WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, PLESK, ZenCart, OpenCart, SQL Server, Tableau Server, Hadoop cluster and more! At the time of this writing, AWS offers nearly 80K Community AMIs that have been configured for all sorts of business needs.


AWS Consulting Services and Support

While AWS makes cloud computing easy, you will not want to do this alone! We are here to help you at KoolWebDezign and we have abundant experience with the AWS coud platform. We are specialists with Linux and also with Windows server environments. Do you have advanced application goals that include regular file transfer and deployment of advanced APIs for getting remote data sources? Once you get your data, do you need help cleaning and transforming that data so that it can be consumed by your business needs? We are more than web developers here at KoolWebDezign. We move data! Please Contact Us today and let us know how we might be of service to you.


Other AWS Cloud Resources