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Action Auto Parts Online StoreI have an unlimited passion for working with e-commerce websites. E-commerce websites, to be effective, must be dynamic! Web visitors today want to have confidence that when you offer a product online it is IN-STOCK and available for prompt delivery. is setting the standard today that makes it difficult for small e-commerce shops to compete. Online shoppers want low prices, free delivery, 2-day or better service, and hassle-free returns. As web developers, we can't solve all of these challenges for you; but, we can help you start with the timely delivery of useful data to enhance your customers' online shopping experience.

Action Auto Parts in Providence RI is still one of our favorite customers and projects at Kool Web Dezign. This online store is immense in scale. The active inventory file available to online customers tops 2+ million SKU's in 3,000+ parts categories. The website is fed hourly with inventory updates from dozens of warehouses located around the US and Canada. The fitment catalog contains over 30 million year/make/model fitment records which map the fitment of an individual part to all of its vehicle applications. Product images represent another unique challenge. With millions of parts comes millions of images and these are managed in an automated fashion. All of this data management must be timely, accurate, efficient, and the website must remain robust and lightning fast. Let's talk about how this is done.

The Action Auto Parts website is built on a 3-tier server platform in the AWS cloud. The web front-end server is an EC2 instance which manages the web traffic and the website content. The web front-end server is supported with an application server which is another EC2 instance, configured to run the scheduled CRON tasks which manages the automated extract, transform, load (ETL) process. Data is scheduled to be pulled on a regular basis and the database server is automatically updated. The database server is the 3rd server in the cluster and this is an RDS instance, all in the AWS cloud.

Cataloging services follow the Aftermarket Data Standards specifications for the Auto Care Association for Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) and the Auto Care Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES). If you want to learn more about building an online ecommerce presence for the automotive aftermarket or other data-driven application, please contact us at Kool Web Dezign.