Author: Jack Welch - February 10, 2017

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Web Design Services

KoolWebDezign offers the “KOOLEST” web design services and we are with you from start to finish. We can assist you on the back-end with server configuration, domain name services, custom sub-domains, database design and configuration, and more. We are experienced with the configuration of LAMP stacks and Windows™ servers, thus we can support both PHP and server-side programming languages.

On the front-end, we are specialists with responsive web design techniques. While we favor the Bootstrap™ development library, there are many others that we support. We pride ourselves on our ability to use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and other front-end tools that deliver pixel-perfect accuracy across all browser platforms.

Content Management Systems or CMS platforms are all the rage. In fact, today, WordPress is used to serve nearly 75 million websites around the world. At KoolWebDezign, we have configured and customized WordPress websites for over 15 years. We are also specialists with other CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla, SharePoint, OpenCart and more.

Platforms-As-A-Service (or PaaS) are making it far more convenient today for a small business owner/manager to build and to control the content of their own website. Hosting platforms like,, and more take all of the burdens of the back-end software maintenance away from you, and allow you to concentrate on the management of your brand and information related to the products and services that you provide. While these platforms tout how easy they are to use, we find that many small business owners and managers still need a little assistance from a support organization like KoolWebDezign.

KoolWebDezign can help you in many ways. We appreciate any and all opportunities no matter how large or small. While we can certainly support just about any organization anywhere in the world, we are most conveniently located to serve businesses between Boston and Providence, including the Massachusetts South Coast, Cape Cod, and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Please Contact Us with a description of your needs and we will be pleased to offer you a kind and competitively priced service.