Website Design & Consulting Services in Southeastern MA

KoolWebDezign started in 2001 developing websites and solving the online marketing challenges for real estate agents and small specialty e-commerce shops in New England. Now, we are growing at KoolWebDezign to serve your needs in Southeastern Massachusetts. We currently serve the cities of Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, RI as well as the entire region of Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and the islands.

KoolWebDezign offers over 15 years of experience in the design and development of websites and web-based digital presentations that satisfy your business goals. Since 2001, we have developed a host of websites that include simple static HTML pages, HTML email campaigns, dynamic database driven e-commerce websites, and advanced API’s that allow these websites to communicate across domain to other servers delivering and consuming information about consumer click-paths and more. Check our portfolio and you will find that we feature several websites for clients in the e-commerce and the real estate industries. Why? Because e-commerce and real estate websites simply need data … and the more the better. Dynamic database driven websites require a quality database server and the knowledge of how to set it up and how to manage it. We do it all at KoolWebDezign … from choosing a server host, installing server applications, configuring IP addresses and DNS, designing a website platform, all the way through to configuring a finished product which offers a quality and desirable user experience.

At KoolWebDezign, we have worked with several server hosts; but, for domain registration and server products, we go out on a limb to suggest that the products offered by GoDaddy are tough to beat, particularly when evaluating this choice for cost, ease of use, and customer service. We can help you set-up a simple server hosting platform or even to configure a more complete dedicated or private server. We are experienced professionals in the use and development of websites on both Windows and Linux servers. We offer website design services programmed on both ASP and PHP languages. We now support a host of other programming languages including ColdFusion,, Python, C++, C#, Java, XML, javaScript, Node.js and more.

“I must add here that in my 15 years of service to my clients, I started out doing most of my work on Windows servers and programmed in classic ASP. I thought I was a master at this and might never change. Finally, about 10 years ago I forced myself to work with Linux servers with PHP and I found a new love. It was kind of like switching from the Blackberry to the Droid! One is good but the other really kicks butt over the other! Given a choice today, I wouldn’t start any new application on anything but a Linux server with a website programmed in PHP … Jack Welch.”

We don’t believe in recreating the wheel, particularly if it is already well designed, polished, and available at a very low cost or even FREE. By this statement, we mean that almost all new websites today can be developed on well designed, open-source platforms. Looking for a blogging website or a website built with a Content Management System (CMS), consider building your site with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or now SharePoint/O365. Looking for a new IDX real estate website, we work with several hosted platforms and there are several to choose from: Advanced Access, iHomefinder, IDX Broker, iHouseWeb, Agent Image, and more. Looking to build a new online store and want a hosted application, consider using Volusion or Instant eStore. Want an online store built on your own platform, we recommend you consider Shopify, Open Cart, Zen-Cart, Ecommerce Templates, and more. We have worked with all of these and we find that it is the most economical approach to rolling out a new online store for a client. The side benefit to using these well recognized platforms if the support that is made available from these organizations and via the internet. Many website management and development challenges are solved with a simple query to the internet. There are millions of people out there just like us solving problems and happy to share their solutions. This support is not only available to KoolWebDezign as your developer, but it is available to you as the owner and manager of your new website.

Our goal is to understand, design, and make user and consumer experiences that go beyond people’s expectations by means of the newest technology. We take pride in working to serve the needs of our client, including budget and schedule restrictions. When a project is complete, we service what we create and strive for complete customer satisfaction!

Jack Welch
Contract Consultant – Mobile Web & Email Design, Social Media Services, and Data Integration
I am available as a freelance web design consultant who can help you build a new or even transform an old web presence or email campaign. Does your website or email need to be mobile responsive? Do you need to expand the reach of your business with the social media? Is your website “intelligently” capturing information about your visitors and customers with Google Analytics and other advanced techniques? Does your ecommerce business need a custom payment workflow or shipping integration? These are the types of outcomes that we drive at KoolWebDezign!

I am a highly motivated, self-starting, life-long learner with nearly 15 years of experience in dynamic website design and data integration. I am a specialist in fields of ecommerce and real estate website design. I have worked for many years now with CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, OpenCart, and more. I hold a huge passion for auto parts ecommerce applications due to the huge demand and reliance on effective data warehousing and timely data transfer and updates to support online transaction applications. If your a small business owner struggling with meeting your online goals, let me give you a hand.

I actively promote working with known cloud-based services as perfect solutions for small business owners. Why, because they are simple! In many cases, small business owners can set-up their own websites with these services without the help of a consultant. But, should you want some guidance, KoolWebDezign is available to help. I can assist you with the set up your new site with Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, WordPress and more. Small business owners can also find more advanced solutions in the cloud with Google, AWS, and Azure. You will likely want some guidance in this area.

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance with your small business needs no matter how big or small.